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Personal Storage

Very often, we find ourselves needing extra room in our homes. Doesn't matter if you live in a large home or a small house, an apartment or condo, sometimes we just need more room.

Self storage provides an affordable, convenient solution to fill our needs for extra space. From storing unused furniture, to seasonal clothing and gear, to sports equipment and holiday decor, 694storage can be just the solution you are looking for.

Business Storage

Many professionals have found business and commercial self storage to be cost effective and convenient. If you are looking to expand, relocate, or just need more room to function efficiently, 694storage can help.

Business owners realize that self storage is very beneficial for storing documents like business receipts, tax records and miscellaneous files they do not need to access on a regular basis.

Whether you are a municipality, school district, own a construction company or run an online store out of your home, 694storage can help you run a more efficient business while saving you money.

Standard Drive-Up Storage

This is the most common type of storage unit offered across the United States. These units are typically uninsulated (some are insulated) and none offer any temperature and/or humidity control. However, having drive-up access right to the door of your storage unit is convenient. We have a large variety of unit sizes to meet your needs.


Is your RV/BOAT/VEHICLE taking up too much room on the side of your house or are the outside elements doing damage to your investment over time?

We feature completely enclosed (lockable), covered (roof and 3 sides), and outdoor parking solutions with convenient 24-hour, 7 day access.

Moving supplies

Climate Control Storage

We maintain our climate controlled storage between 55 and 80 degrees. While there is an additional cost to renting a climate controlled unit, there are some benefits to consider compared to standard drive-up units:

  • No worries about pests, temperature damage or corrosion if contents remain in storage for extended periods.
  • Protection from wood and metal damage caused by extreme temperatures resulting in warping, weakening, cracking and splitting.
  • Prevention of yellowing and degrading of fabric and clothing caused by exposure to heat, cold, and humidity.
  • Almost no dust and dirt get into climate controlled units compared to standard drive-up units which can get dusty over time.
  • Assurance that sensitive items like collectibles, electronics, media, and clothing will be protected.
  • Always visit your storage unit in comfort between 55 and 80 degrees no matter the weather conditions outside.